Big HIO Payouts

We  dole out $10,000 to every Hole-In-One Achiever from Day 1; and the payouts could grow exponentially in the ensuing weeks and months, as Ace Oasis Golf stealthily carves out a reputation for being the best in the business, covering every region and corner of the United States. And soon after that, Ace Oasis patrons might experience the opportunity to win the life-changing sum of $1 million in special events or promotions. The possibilities are endless.

Claim Your Digital Trophy Today

Our social media, video-editing and professional voice-over teams will work quickly to convert the raw Hole-In-One footage into an aesthetically pleasing video, one that's worthy of sharing with friends, family and even the Doubting Thomases who require video evidence of such a feat. As a supplement, we'll also release the HIO video to the social-media universe.


In this tech-savvy, ultra-modern world, where nearly every momentous event gets recorded in real time, via smartphones, Hole-In-One shots remain somewhat of an antiquated notion. It's a rarely-seen bit of legend rivaling Bigfoot or UFO sightings. Oh sure, there are a handful of first-hand accounts of hole-in-ones on public and private courses; but that tight inner circle typically involves those within shouting distance of the hole. In most cases, it's a life-changing event that rarely garners Instant Replay fame.

A Tech Driven Achievement

We'll have 4K cameras stationed at the tee and green for each of Ace Oasis Golf's eligible par-3 challenges. We're bringing a multi-camera, high-resolution and professionally slick look to the beautiful art of stroking a Hole-In-One — the greatest individual feat in golf, aside from claiming the hallowed Green Jacket at The Masters.

No Extra Greens Fees

That's right! The Ace Oasis Golf experience will not involve any extra greens fees to the golfer. We're merely incentivizing you to prioritize our vast network of Network Clubs, each and every day. In a nutshell, we want your steady business. We want you to constantly compete for big prizes at our Hole-In-One challenges. We want you to say, whenever rounding up friends for a round of golf, "I WANT MY ACE OASIS!"