Is there a more surreal out-of-body experience for sports enthusiasts than hitting a hole-in-one from a prohibitive distance? 

Upon initial contact, even golfers who absorb the weightless feeling of striking a perfectly placed tee shot on a reachable par-3 hole are confident about the ball, but not necessarily envisioning the gold standard of best-case scenarios.


After all, there are thousands upon thousands of golfers with balanced, tempo-driven swings, and a large cluster of these devoted technicians have never attained Hole-In-One 'immortality.'

However, as the flight of the ball reaches its apex, a tinge of optimism suddenly filters into the brains of golfers watching the tee shot with tremendous interest.

Are we seconds away from a life-changing moment of bliss?

Could this be the day?   Will the ball magically have eyes, after landing on the green's silky-smooth terrain?

Rolling, rolling, rolling ... get up, get up, get up!
As the ball disappears from the top surface of the green, and nestles into the bottom of the cup, a second or two of eerie silence quickly gets supplanted by deep-throated, full-hearted shrieks of euphoric joy — from the golfer at the tee box and their accompanying party.

that's when Ace Oasis takes over the moment.

In our relentless quest to become the Next Great Thing in recreational golf — the go-to outlet for avid or emerging players who fully support golf's rules/regulations, but also appreciate cash-infused games of chance — we're putting the full force of our time, resources and money into capturing, preserving and promoting these visceral moments of unspoiled perfection.

The Ace Oasis Golf system will incentivize golfers to play more times per week/month, while enhancing their overall enjoyment of this addictive, life-affirming game.

The fame and fortune associated with registering a hole-in-one doesn't hurt, either.

From Day 1, Hole-In-One Achievers at Ace Oasis venues will receive Lloyd's Of London-insured prize money of $10,000 — for the dreamy act of finding the bottom of the cup on a single tee shot. And as the weeks and months progress, we'll keep upping the ante of prize money to our ever-expanding customer base, a group of brand-conscious golfing loyalists who revel in the opportunity of collecting prizes in upwards of $100,000 or even a cool million ... without incurring any price bumps with greens fees at a particular course.

It's a beautiful thing.