There has never been a more thrilling time to be an avid, novice or even beginning golfer — and a college student.

Ace Oasis Golf promises to have a seismic presence at many of the nation's pre-eminent golf courses on or near college campuses, as we fuel young adults' love for the great game of golf, while appealing to their ultra-competitive side on par-3 holes. Just picture it: You're perhaps the weaker link in a foursome for a particular day at an Ace Oasis Golf-affiliated course. The tee swings have been flat on the front nine. The approach shots keep trickling off the fairway. There's plenty of fresh sand in your bag, thanks too much sand-wedge usage. And the putting stroke seems just a bit off — for reasons which cannot be explained.

However, you also understand that redemption, and a lifetime of fame among friends, might occur on the back nine of an Ace Oasis Golf venue, as you mentally prepare for the opportunity of becoming a Hole-In-One Achiever, and staking claim to the Lloyd's Of London-insured prize money of $10,000 — for the beautiful act of finding the bottom of the cup on a single tee shot.

  • Talk about making your semester with one sweet swing at glory! What's more, college students will have regular access to all this prize money, giving them extra incentive to target Ace Oasis Network Clubs every day or week, whenever breaking away from the hustle and bustle of college life. It's not a dream or short-term promotion, kids. Say 'hello' to golf's Next Great Thing.